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CPAP Adherence Success

CPAP Adherence Success

Our CPAP support specialists are committed to ensuring you receive the education and support required to make your experience with CPAP treatment successful.


If you are having difficulty tolerating CPAP, try the following steps to help to get used to it:

  • Wear the CPAP mask at home while awake for 1 hour each day.

  • Attach the mask to the CPAP device, and switch the unit “on.”  Practice breathing through the mask for 1 hour while watching TV, reading or performing some other sedentary activity.

  • Use the CPAP during scheduled 1-hour naps at home.

  • Use CPAP during the initial 3-4 hours of sleep.

Try these in step-wise fashion advancing to the next step after five days, once the previous step can be done without anxiety.